Argentine Malbec Producers... The Best, Top Rated, and Famous WInemakers from Argentina

Best Malbec, Argentine Malbec, Argentinian Wines

In 1868, when French agronomist Miguel Pouget introduced the Malbec grape to the Mendoza region of Argentina, he couldn't have known that the high altitude and dry climate would make it flourish, or become so popular in our century. In France, where the grape originates, even today it is still blended with other wines in Bordeaux and Cahors, France, where it originates.

In Argentina, the single varietal Malbecs take on a character that is unique in the world. The high altitude in Argentina has the largest influence on the grape, it ripens faster and develops its tannic structure more quickly that either Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot.

Jancis Robinson described French Malbec from Bordeaux as a rustic version of Merlot. In Argentina, the high altitude makes a softer texture with more ripe, sweet tannins. Many of these Argentine Malbecs have dark fruit notes and violet floral notes on the nose. They also tend to have thicker skins and a darker, more extracted color than those from France.

The Best Malbec

Best Malbec, Argentine Malbec, Argentinian Wines

Who makes the best Argentine Malbec? That's difficult to say. Perhaps the question is better put, who makes the best Argentine Malbec at a particular price range? Even that is difficult to answer because the winemakers tend to put more of everything in their most expensive wines... more extraction, more oak, more alcohol, more tannins... and those things may not have led you to try Malbec in the first place.

In our search for the best Malbec, we'll tell you who the trendsetters are, and who put Malbec on the map. They have created the standard by which we all should be judged.

Catena Zapata Malbec

Bodega Catena Zapata has pioneered modern vinification techniques and high altitude viticulture in Mendoza, helping to bring Argentine wines, particularly those made with the Malbec grape, worldwide and critical recognition.

Luigi Bosca Malbec

For decades, the Arizu family has made wines under the Luigi Bosca brand and are recognized as quality leaders. Their Finca La Linda line represents their more value oriented wines and the Alta Gama label represents the flagship Gala bottlings and their most sought after wine, the Finca Los Nobles.

Weinert Malbec

One of the oldest wineries in the region, Weinert was founded in 1890 by a Spanish Immigrant family Otera. They abandoned it until the mid 1970's Brazilian Bernardo Weinert purchased the estate and restored it to full production. Less known in the United States, Weinert is one of the most popular Malbecs in Argentina.

Selentein Malbec

Salentein is a relatively new label from veteran producer Carlos Pulenta, whose family owned Trapiche winery before selling it to Chilean investors in 1997.

Other Malbecs from Argentina

There are many, and new Malbecs appear every day. We're all standing on the shoulders of the giants!

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