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Eleven-Fifty Roares onto the International Wine Scene

Winning the Critics Gold Award at the 2008 Critics Challenge

Tupungato, Mendoza, Argentina, (June 10, 2008)

A rookie Argentinean winery known as 1150 ("Eleven-Fifty" www.1150wine.com) has roared onto the international wine scene by winning a Critics Gold Award at the 2008 Critics Challenge International Wine Competition in San Diego, California. The fifth annual contest, held May 24-25, 2008, featured nearly 1700 wines from 16 countries and was judged by 14 renowned wine journalists. Winners are recognized as the best wines in the world and are published in the prestigious Wine Review Online.

1150's winning 2007 Malbec vintage comes from the Valle de Uco in the Tupungato region of Mendoza, Argentina. The grapes, originally a French varietal, are grown in sandy, rocky soil bathed with lots of sunshine by day and bright stars and cool dry air at night. The challenging soil conditions and temperature variance make the vine struggle and the fruit ripen slowly, helping to yield a robust body and a bold signature flavor.

The unusually named vineyard, Bodega Ikal, is rooted in tradition. Ikal means "poetry" in the language of the native Mayans of Mesoamerica, who were known to have used wine in their most sacred rituals and even worshipped a deity named Acan, who was the god of wine and intoxicating beverages. The bodega (as wineries are referred to locally) is located at an altitude of 1150 meters (3770 feet), surrounded by snow-capped mountains, giving the winery its name and also its reputation of being like "poetry in a bottle."

The Malbec grape clusters are picked and sorted by hand. They are gravity fed and undergo temperature-controlled fermentation, cold maceration and post-fermentation maceration. The wine is then aged 12 months in French oak barrels. At the table, the wine is known for its intense inky color with violet hues. The nose bursts with seductive notes of plum, ripe cherry and floral, along with subtle hints of dry fruit and mint. There is a great flavor concentration and complexity with sweet, voluminous tannins and a lasting finish. In addition to the award-winning Malbec, the vineyard crafts a high-quality Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. The wines are available in Argentina, the United States and Mexico.

The 1150 winery was created by the same team that developed the distinguished small luxury hotels Ikal del Mar (now the Tides Rivera Maya) and Esencia in Mexico’s Riviera Maya and represents an expansion of the company’s reach further into Latin America. Bodega Ikal strives for excellence in its wines with the same passion it pursues in its hotels. The wines are true to their origin while being uniquely their own. To share the privileged setting and majestic ambiance of the winery, an exclusive wine lodge and private residences, each with its own vineyard, are being developed. The project, dubbed Ikal Mendoza, is scheduled to open in early 2010.

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